New employee at Ohio State University Golf Club

By |  September 16, 2011

These photos just hit my inbox this morning. Brutus Buckeye is the newest proud employee out at the Ohio State University Golf Club in Columbus. Word around the maintenance shop is that Brutus is a hard worker and carries his weight… the only complaints so far is that he is always unavailable to work on game days, and also, they won’t let him operate a string-trimmer because they can’t find protective eyewear to fit his giant mascot head…

The timing of these photos really made me laugh, because this month’s issue of Golfdom has a “turf school” theme. Had I got them two weeks ago, I would have probably tried to publish them! Heck, Brutus could have been my cover model! (OK, probably not… don’t want to make it seem like we have an allegiance to one turf school!)

Anyway, look for more from Golfdom soon about your favorite turf school, as well as the obstacles those schools are having to overcome with tighter state budgets… in this month’s issue!

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