My little girl: yes to basketball, no on golf

By |  June 12, 2012

True story:

I’m driving my daughter to her last day of pre-school. She grabs the basketball that I keep in the backseat and starts playing with it.

“Daddy,” she says, “I like it when you go play basketball. But I don’t like it when you go play golf.”

Whoa. Golf is catching hell from my five-year-old? Is this one of the many obstacles golf has to overcome? Guilt trips from preschoolers?

I asked Evey what her problem with golf was.

“Dad, whenever you go play golf you have to drive far, far away. And you’re gone forever. I don’t like it when you play golf. I like it when you play basketball. You come right back home. So, you can play basketball. Or you can play football. But I don’t want you to play golf…”

You won’t find “guilt trips from 5-year-old girls” in any statistical data on rounds played, but it is entirely possible it is an epidemic!

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