Merion crew gets a well deserved break

By |  April 23, 2013
Just give the check to the guy with the spotlight on his head.

Had a great trip out to Pennsylvania last week. Now, I’m back in Kansas, enjoying some freezing rain…

Besides my visit to Merion I also made it to Schuylkill CC (you’ve seen a photo from there already… I’ll post more from there soon) as well as a trip through Villanova University to tour their sports fields for our sister publication, Athletic Turf News. (I’ll share that here as well, once I get out of the weeds.)

And I even had a celebrity sighting… Newt Gingrich was on my flight from Philly to Atlanta. He seemed nice, and was taking the occasional photo with people in the airport. I would have snapped one with him myself (and ran it in our Golfdom Gallery section) but I was busy devouring the only Philly cheesesteak I was able to get my hands on in three busy days up in PA. You know me.

Here’s another photo that won’t run in Gallery, this one because unfortunately it’s too blurry. This is a shot of the lads from Merion and I at the Joe’s Crab Shack across the street from my hotel in Philly. Good guys, fun crew, even if there is a Syracuse fan among them.

Proper thank you cards were penned over the weekend and will be in everyone’s hands soon… but in the meantime, a big “thank you” to all my new pals in Pennsylvania. I look forward to returning in June!

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