Mark Langner interview on Golfdom TV

By |  June 13, 2012

Did you get your new issue of Golfdom in the mail today? I did!

You’ll notice that the cover story is about the 10th anniversary of the Experience at FarmLinks.

Here is the Golfdom TV video I promised in the article, with Mark Langner, FarmLinks director of agronomy, talking about the fire at the maintenance facility, and some exciting partnerships that they’ve made at everyone’s favorite research and demo golf course:

You may have seen this in yesterday’s Golfdom Insider email. Was there a weird spacing issue in your version of the Golfdom Insider? I heard back from one person that there was some extra spaces that shouldn’t have been there. Weird. I saw them in one draft, but they had disappeared in the draft we approved. I don’t get technology sometimes, that’s for sure.

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