March Madness Has Made Me Crazy

By |  March 16, 2007

I went 15-1 in my game predictions on the opening day of March Madness last week. Since then, I’ve gone in the tank. (Duke and Notre Dame, you are worthless!)

I’m angry, too. I hate to be wrong when it comes to sports picks, and I hate to lose money (yes, another 10 bucks wasted in an office pool).

Isn’t it strange how we make March Madness about ourselves? We carry our filled-out bracket sheets everywhere — on the plane, to the restaurant, to the bathroom, etc. We are mad, really. Here are these wonderful college athletes, most who will never play in the pros, giving their all on the floor to get to the Nirvana of college basketball … the Final Four.

And here we are, sitting in our recliners, slugging beers, munching on Cheetos and looking at our bracket sheets during every time out.

We are despicable.

So, who do you have going to the Final Four?

I say Memphis, Kansas, Georgetown and North Carolina.

Enjoy! And don’t get that Cheetoh grease all over the furniture.

— Larry Aylward

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