Lazy, er, LASIK week

By |  May 8, 2012

This is going to be an unusual week for your pal Jonesy, as I’m prepping to get LASIK surgery on Thursday. Fingers crossed it goes off without a hitch… my day ended early yesterday after they dilated my eyes for my pre-op exam. If all goes well, you won’t be seeing me in any glasses other than sunglasses soon…

Here are a few pics from last week’s Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Club, including my boy Lervik photo-bombing Rory McIlroy…


David Withers (Jake prez), Jeff Kent (Quail Hollow super), Dave Wanta (Jake sales) and yours truly at the Jake tent.

Me interviewing Troy Murray (Jake sales) and Joe Guerra (Sequoia Golf) for that “Round of a Lifetime” story (see previous post).

Dave gives a demo on all the bells and whistles on Jake’s Eclipse 2.

My boy Lerv photo-bombs Rory as the U.S. Open champ runs off the 17th green.
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