I think he buys golf clubs…

By |  November 21, 2013


Today I was sent this commercial that has captivated the attention of many. According to adweek.com, Mike Mixson’s homemade commercial for his Chattanooga, Tenn store, has already gotten approximately 100,000 views. This is no cinematic masterpiece, but with that many views, people must really like what they are seeing.

Advertisements can be deceiving sometimes. They try to seep into your dreams and way too often, into your nightmares. This ad however, is hilariously straightforward. He takes that phone and tells us what he wants. He wants your clubs. He really wants your clubs. And hey, repetition is a solid way to force someone to remember something. Watch this enough times and you may be chanting “we buy golf clubs…we buy golf clubs…we buy golf clubs…” Looking on the positive side, a little chanting is a good way to mix up your day.

So if you need a little chuckle today and are curious who could buy your golf clubs, we now have an answer for both.


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