How’s the Housing Market Doing Where You Live?

By |  June 2, 2008

I recently sold my house after it was on the market for seven months. I didn’t get what I wanted for it, but I was satisfied with the sale knowing that there are some good deals to be had out there for an upgrade.

I’m amazed, however, at how many people have told me “congratulations!” on the selling of my house. It’s like I won the lottery or something! (Believe me, I didn’t hit it big on this transaction.)

The housing crisis hasn’t been in the news lately as much as it was in previous months. But I get the feeling — especially when people are congratulating me for selling my house — that the market is still enduring tough times, at least where I live.

How’s the housing market doing where you live? Any sign of a turnaround? Let us know by blogging here.

— Larry Aylward

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