Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 6 — Two Gloves is Better than Some

By |  February 8, 2011

Welcome back to Hendren’s Hyperbole! I hope everyone is enjoying the 2011 Golf Industry Show. Hopefully everyone made it to the show without too much trouble. I got stuck in Kansas City fighting the latest brutal snow storm. We are supposed to get another five or six inches tonight.

Enjoy the weather in Florida but don’t worry, I’m sure spring won’t have rolled around by the time you get back to wherever you call home. I’ll do what I can to save some snow for you.

Mark Wilson won the Waste Management Phoenix open Monday in the second playoff hole over Jason Dufner. This is the third playoff in five events this year. Normally I hate a Monday tournament finish but I had a sick kid so I got to stay home and watch what was left of the final round. There were only five holes left to be played Monday and for the most part it was a boring ending to a drug-out tournament but there was an epic meltdown on number seventeen.

Do you watch Big Break on The Golf Channel? Remember Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey? Two Gloves participated in Big Break USA vs. Europe and The Reunion. He is the first Big Break alumnus to earn a PGA Tour card, and played on the PGA Tour in 2008. He was not very successful.

Alright, enough back ground. Let’s get on to the epic meltdown! Two Gloves was two shots back with two holes to play. Time to freak out! Number seventeen is a drivable par four with water left of the green so eagle is not out of the question. Gainey hits driver. Any guesses as to where his drive went? Left??? Good guess! It wasn’t a horrible drive; the ball actually hit a pin high hazard marker and almost got the kick of a life time. In the end, the ball was in the water. Tommy was dropping two and hitting three. His third shot was poorly hit and rolled back into the water. NOOOO! Now he’s dropping four and hitting five! When it was all said and done Tommy got a seven on number seventeen and finished in a tie for eighth place.

He lost about $250,000 when he blew up. WOW! A quarter of a million dollars because of a mental error! $250,000 would buy a lot of gloves.

I was really rooting for Tommy Two Gloves. I don’t know if I was rooting for him because I remember watching him on Big Break or because he is the only professional golfer with a worse golf swing than mine. Either way, I hope Tommy can get it together after his meltdown and be atop the leader board later this year. Just get out of your head! You’ll be alright!

At least Two Gloves made the cut. That’s more than I can say for my boy Johnny Vegas! What happened Johnny? I talk you up over the past couple of weeks and this is how you do me! You miss the cut! Come on Johnny, you’re better than that, at least I thought you were! Don’t do that to me two weeks in a row or the gloves are coming off! Both of them!

–Matt Hendren

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