Hendren’s Hyperbole! — Episode 45: So What, Tiger?

By |  December 16, 2011

Professional golf in December has always been kind of a joke, and I don’t think this December is any different than any other except for the fact Tiger managed to win a golf tournament. I am referring to the Chevron World Challenge, of course. It was big news for all of a day. Jones asked me what I thought about it the other day, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts…

So Tiger managed to beat 17 other golfers, which did not include the top four players in the world, at a track he had already won at four times before and just happens to benefit his foundation……so what?!? So what if every golfer in the field had a higher world golf ranking than Tiger. So what if Tiger sank a 6-foot putt on the 18th for a one stroke win over Zach Johnson. Isn’t that what Tiger is supposed to do? Can someone please explain to me how Tiger’s world ranking jumped from 52nd to 21st with one win?

Listen, I realize the correlation between the strength of golf as a whole and how well Tiger plays, I am not entirely clueless, I guess I am just not ready for Tiger to become the dominant player he once was. Let’s be honest, this win puts him one step closer to becoming the Tiger he was from 1996-2009. Is that something we are ready for? Is it even possible for Tiger to become the dominant player he once was? I don’t know about you but I have enjoyed watching golf with Tiger being a non-factor.

Tiger turns 36 on December 30th which means the relevancy clock is ticking fast. That only leaves 14 years left to play on the PGA Tour and even less time that he will be relevant week in and week out. 

What do you think about Tiger’s first win since the Thanksgiving debacle of 2009? Does anyone even care at this point? I for one couldn’t care less.

— Matt Hendren

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