Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 40 — My degree in RG3

By |  October 27, 2011

Sean O’Brien, director of grounds, Hawk’s Landing

Last week I had the opportunity to take a trip to Orlando to Hawk’s Landing Golf Club as the guest of Precise Path Robotics to check out the RG3 robotic greens mower. The RG3 is the industry’s only autonomous, robotic greens mower and features the industry’s best warranty on any greens mower. Look for more information in the November issue of Golfdom!

Going to check out the RG3 was my first of hopefully many assignments for Golfdom. It was a great trip and if you followed some of my posts form Orlando you already know Precise Path rolled out the red carpet. I had my own town car awaiting to take me to and from the airport! I realize I may be showing my cards here a little bit but I thought that was AWESOME! One of my favorite movies is “Made” featuring Vince Vaughn and it took everything in me not to rip off a scene from the movie and make sure to let all the ladies know, “I’m a tall drink of water and I need to stretch my *&#@ out!” as I climbed into my “limo.”

While in Orlando I got to go to dinner with the gentlemen from Precise Path and also had the privilege of attending a media session where I learned everything I could ever possibly want to know about Precise Path and the RG3. I also got to golf with the gents from Precise Path — I was surprised that Golfdom was the only industry mag to take Precise Path up on their offer for golf! Let me tell those other mags, you guys missed a nice golf course, Hawk’s Landing was sweet (although the weather was blustery that day) and you also missed my EAGLE!

At the end of the trip I received a diploma for completing RG3 University. I’m pretty sure the RG3 diploma is on the same level as an honorary degree from Harvard or Princeton so I am now being sought out by several Fortune 500 companies!

All joking aside, the trip was awesome and the RG3 is a great product and a glimpse into the future of golf course maintenance. Make sure to check out November’s issue for all the details, as well as next week’s Golfdom Insider e-newsletter for a Golfdom TV interview I did with Sean O’Brien, director of golf at Hawk’s Landing.

— Matt Hendren

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