Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 32 — PGA in Review

By |  August 17, 2011

Welcome back to Hendren’s Hyperbole after a week off. Jones did such a great job covering the PGA Championship last week there was no room for my garbage I try to pass off on you week in and week out as “writing.”

I hope everyone enjoyed the last major of the year last weekend. Personally, I didn’t have anything going on the entire weekend so I watched every bit of the PGA Championship that was televised. Surprisingly, I didn’t even catch any crap from my wife. Something weird is going on. I don’t know what yet but I have a feeling I will soon, unfortunately.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the last major of the year but as usual I have a few comments. Believe it or not, I was rooting for Keegan Bradley the entire weekend. Well, not the entire weekend. Saturday afternoon I saw Johnny Vegas’ name on the leader board, only down three shots, and found myself briefly rooting for him so I could save a little face here on The Golfdom Daily. Needless to say that didn’t happen, and I’m still and idiot.

Back to Bradley, there is something about rooting for a relatively unknown golfer that is a little more exciting than just watching and rooting for the same 10 to 15 golfers that seem to be in the mix week in and week out. One thing that really puzzles me is how two unknown golfers can hang around all week, in a major, without wizzing down their leg. Eventually, Jason Dufner did just that. I can’t imagine having a five-shot lead with three to play to win a major and ending up losing in a three hole playoff! Talk about a kick in the plumbs! Don’t feel too bad for Jason Dufner, he was rewarded with $865,000 for throwing away a major and finishing 2nd.

Congratulations to Nowhere Near Scratch for winning the first ever edition of The Golfdom Hackoff, PGA Championship edition with a final score of 142. This was Nowhere Near Scratch’s second win of the year! Nice Work! Nowhere Near Scratch’s starting lineup was Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker, Bubba Watson and Gary Woodland. Coming in second was Bilindjoe with a score of 128 and finishing in third was Long Knockers with a score of 124. Make sure to email Seth, sjones@questex.com your contact info so he can send you your sweet prizes.

Congratulations again to our top three finishers this week and I hope everyone enjoyed playing fantasy golf this year during the four majors for a chance to win some great prizes.

Until next week,

— Matt Hendren

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