Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 3 — TMI, Rookie!

By |  January 18, 2011

Hola! Welcome back to another addition of Hendren’s Hyperbole! from sunny El Cozumeleno beach resort! Today it is a balmy 80 degrees. 80 and sunny sure beats the brutal -2 and snowy when we flew out of Kansas City. Tomorrow we are going to hit the links at Cozumel County Club. If things go well (I don’t shoot 120) I might fill you in on the adventure in another post.

Let’s get on to this week’s topic, 2011 PGA rookies.

This last week at the Sony Open was the first chance for the 2011 rookies to show the world what they are made of. Twenty six of the 35 rookies teed it up last week at Waialae. This year’s class is very diverse with players haling from Sweden, Venezuela, Brazil, Korea, South Africa, Argentina and the United States. Ages range anywhere from 20 to 41.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to watch golf on the beach. However my Samsung Epic is still rocking so I can check out Twitter. Last week the PGA tweeted out a link to a list of the one thing you need to know about the 2011 rookie class. I found this list pretty stinking funny and a little disturbing at the same time. Let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite things you need to know about the rookie class of 2011.

1. Joe Affrunti, 29. Joe says he has a shoe fetish and never travels without flip flops. WHAT? Why do I need to know that? That’s just weird. A grown man with a shoe fetish should keep that to himself. TMI, Joe. Maybe when Joe is in New York later this year he can look up Rex Ryan’s wife and they can compare their open toe shoe collection! HEY-OH!

2. Jim Herman, 33. Jim says his dream foursome would include his father, brother and Donald Trump. Uh, Jim, this is supposed to be your dream foursome. I’m sure you pop and bro are great people but you wouldn’t substitute them for, oh, I don’t know, someone you can’t play golf with on a regular basis? Dream BIG Jim, dream big! I’m going to let the Donald selection slide. To easy.

I’m not sure why we need to know anything about the 2011 rookies but I am sure glad Joe and Jim decided to share! I recommend everyone who has a Twitter account and loves golf follow @PGATOUR for future little nuggets like the one thing you need to know about the 2011 rookie class.

That’s it for this edition of Hendren’s Hyperbole! Oh yeah, in case anyone was wondering I haven’t cut my finger on any coral. I did cut my lip on a beer bottle, but I was a good fifteen feet from the ocean and so far no one has scratched me a check for $70,500. I guess you only get a check if the cut requires stitches.

Check back next week for what I’m guaranteeing will be a great post.

— Matt Hendren

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