Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 16 — Stay out of the pond

By |  April 19, 2011

What’s up Hendren’s Hyperbole fans? There is not a lot going on in the Hendren’s Hyperbole think-tank this week. The weather is changing a little more everyday making my days as busy as can be. Each day is starting to blur together, and we haven’t even hit the 90 days of hell yet! UH-OH! I better get my stuff together!

Did anyone watch the Valero Texas Open? I watched quite a bit of it, unfortunately. I watched Johnny Vegas fall apart, as usual. I think I have officially fallen off the Vegas bandwagon and it ran over me. What a joke. I just wanted to see a little fire in Vegas’s belly. Instead of fire in his belly all I see is a kid who looks like he is out playing a round with his buddies. Uninspiring.

Does anyone remember Rich Beem? In 2002 he won a little golf tournament called the PGA Championship. I have been a Rich Beem fan since I read his book Bud, Sweat, and Tees in 2001. It’s a good read if you are a golf fan. Anyways, Rich was in the hunt through Friday and then he just seemingly dropped off the face of the earth leaving me to watch another no name golfer, Brendan Steele, win in less than dramatic fashion. Less than dramatic might be a little harsh because any win on the PGA tour is a pretty special feat. I am just tired of all the no name winners.

Did you see Kevin Na’s impressive 16 on the par four number nine? It was epic! Na lost count after about ten or eleven strokes and had to go check the tape to come up with the final count of 16. IT WAS AWESOME! It actually made me feel good about my golf game.

I have been asking about ideas for me to write about for a while and the only one I have received is a request for me to tell about the time I played a new course, Spring Creek G.C., in Seneca, Kan. and decided to swim in the pond off No. 7.

…Well that is pretty much the story. I wasn’t playing all that well, had a few adult beverages and it was really hot so I decided a swim in the pond was a great idea. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably wouldn’t have dove in the pond because it was only about 4 feet deep and it stunk like a sewer. I think I stunk for about a week. No amount of showering was going to get off that funk!

Oh well, that’s how you get good stories, right? There you go Brad, a quick version of the pond incident in the thriving metropolis of Seneca, Kan.

Till next time!

–Matt Hendren

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