Happy holidays from your friends at Golfdom!

By |  December 22, 2010

Hi everyone!

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new editor-in-chief of Golfdom magazine… and yeah, it’s that guy sitting on the couch wearing the Chiefs jersey right there… that’s me, Seth Jones. (GO CHIEFS!!!)

I’m excited to be here. This is my 8th day on the job so far. I don’t remember the last time a mundane day in the office has been so rewarding. I’m thrilled to have this new job, and I promise to work hard for the readers of Golfdom.

The Golfdom blog… well, it’s been a lonely place for a while now. There just hasn’t been any action. I look back and, wow — this is the 5th post of the year? (At least I can say I’m responsible for 20% of the posts in 2010!)

I plan on changing that. I like to blog. Especially when I’m travelling for work. Not every blog post will contain cataclysmic information regarding the golf course maintenance industry. Some will be for fun. Some will be serious. But there will be something here for you to check out regularly. That’s a promise.

Last thought from me: happy holidays. I hope all our many superintendent readers around the world have a wonderful holiday season. Travel safe. Enjoy the company of your families. Get a little rest.

We’ll see you here again soon. Thanks for checking in on us.

(Photo by my daughter, Evey. She’s only four! Not bad, huh?)

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