Golfdom wants to fly you places!

By |  July 2, 2012

Exciting news!

Golfdom wants to fly you to Orlando. Or maybe Los Angeles. Heck, maybe BOTH.


I know, other magazines want to give you free hats, free webinars, free paper weights or a free high-five. (OK, we’re known to give an occasional high-five as well.) But here at Golfdom, we’ve got some serious stuff we want to give to you, the green industry professional.

Check this out:

The 2012 Golfdom Summit has been announced (check out page 6 of this month’s issue) and we’re going to the beautiful Reunion Resort in Orlando! Hopefully you remember the Golfdom Summit from last year — we put it on our cover of the December 2011 issue.

The 2011 Golfdom Summit was at Pinehurst Resort. We played Pinehurst No. 2. We had guest speakers like Rees Jones (pictured), Bob Farren (speaking, below), Ken Mangum, Clark Throssell and Anthony Williams. Simply put, a good time was had by all.

This year we’re firing up the Golfdom Summit again. We’re still working on the agenda and guest speakers, using what we learned from year one. Can we improve on last year’s experience at Pinehurst? It’ll be tough, but we’re going to try like hell.

To apply for the Golfdom Summit, click right here and enter your information. I’m not sure about the number of supers we’re taking yet, but my guess would be at around 50. You have to apply before I can take you to Orlando with me!

But wait, that’s not all!

Golfdom and Rain Bird are teaming up to take one lucky winner and a guest of his/her choice to the Intelligent Use of Water film competition in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

That’s right — Beverly Hills, Calif. You. A friend. And your new friends from Golfdom.

We’re formally announcing this sweepstakes in the July issue, but I’m giving you a head’s up right now. Go here to enter your name. If you win, you can bring your wife, or your best friend, or your assistant, or your GM, whoever. We don’t care. But please bring someone fun, because you’ll be hanging out with me and Golfdom publisher Pat Roberts (with Jack Hanna, petting the alligator), and we like to have fun.

The trip centers around the Intelligent Use of Water film competition. We’ll attend the screening. Then we’ll see some sites. That’s it — no sales pitch or anything.

But be sure to give the kind folks at Rain Bird a shout-out after you’re done rollin’ down Rodeo, because they’re the ones who have made this whole trip possible!

Man, talk about a fun blog post… we’re flying people to both coasts, just hooking superintendents up!

OK… I’ll admit it, I want a high-five.

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