GCSAA Golf Tournament condenses dates

By |  April 24, 2012

Right on, GCSAA! This is a great move!

From the announcement:

The golf tournament will begin with the four-ball competition Sunday, Feb. 3, with the golf classic and national championship being conducted Monday-Tuesday, Feb. 4-5. A new event, likely featuring a scramble or shamble format, will be conducted Monday, Feb. 4, for those not participating in the classic or the national championship. The Sunday, Feb. 3 four-ball is a stand-alone event and does not require participation in the new Monday activity or the classic/national championship. In recent years, the four-ball was held on Friday, with the classic and national championship conducted Saturday and Sunday.

GCSAA just hit a triple in my book… they can make it a home run (and their best number of participants in years) if they can now get Torrey Pines to be one of the host courses!

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