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By |  June 8, 2012

Being the editor-in-chief of a universally* adored golf magazine such as Golfdom, I happen to get some neat gifts in the mail. Case in point — this “Golden Bear” celebrating the launch of… Golden Bear Lemonade.

From AriZona Beverages comes this new Jack Nicklaus-branded lemonade. Hey, Arnold Palmer can’t have all the fun, right? Golden Bear comes in three flavors — lemonade with honey and ginseng, mango lemonade and strawberry lemonade.
Not only did I get a nice sample of Golden Bear lemonade (mmm, delicious!) but I also received a nice toy that my 5-year-old girl with enjoy. Many thanks to my friends at AriZona Beverages.
Now I just need Don Julio to put out a golf-themed tequila…
*Golfdom has no proof that the magazine is adored in other universes, but hopes that, if there is life beyond our universe, that they enjoy each issue of Golfdom as much as our moms do.

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