Field (stone) Trip!

By |  August 6, 2012

Apologies for the radio silence here for the last couple days. I was on the road, making a big triangle on the map, with Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania all on the agenda.

One of the highlights of the trip was my round at Fieldstone GC in Greenville, Del. Big thanks to Damon Di Giorgio, super at the course. Me and Damon go way back, so it was a pleasure to see his course and check out the place he works everyday. What a phenomenal course! Also good to see another old friend, Pinki, his dog — I’ve known Pinki since she was just a pup! (And yeah, she remembered me, which was cool.)

Usually I like to check in here from the road, but I was just too busy and also having too much fun. I should have left my laptop back in the office, that’s how much use I got out of it! And now I get to pay for it, as I’m pushing the panic button on all my deadlines…

Anyway, here are a couple pics from my excellent round at Fieldstone. Captions included.

There’s an old house on the course, it sits between two holes, 14 and 16 if I remember correctly. Architect Mike Hurdzan loved the look of it, so he kept it. It’s a unique site on the course, I did take the time to look closer at it, and wonder how hard it was to build something like that before power equipment…

Gary Gold, Damon, Pinki, and Golfdom publisher Pat Roberts on 17 tee.

Saw these two deer wandering around 17 green. Pat hit into the bunkers on the left (of course he did!) and the two deer didn’t retreat too far past those trees. They wanted to see if he could get up and down from that bunker, apparently.
Damon, Pinki and me after dinner.

Damon’s one instruction for playing No. 18: avoid that bunker! So what do I do? Scorch a 7-iron right into the sodface wall. If my ball flight would have been five feet higher, I would have been a hero. Instead, I triple-bogeyed 18…

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