Enough Is Enough on Daly

By |  June 20, 2006

Let me up, I’ve had enough. Please, no more articles about John Daly. I’ve had a daily dose of Daly for a few weeks now, and I can’t stand anymore.

Ever since Daly’s book, “My Life In And Out of the Rough,” came out, we’ve been reading and hearing about Daly’s exploits constantly — how much money he lost gambling, his drinking philosophy. Enough!

And then ESPN magazine comes along last week with a cover story on Daly. Inside, the magazine lists its “Gospel According to John.” The article provides JD’s views on drinking, working out (an oxymoron, indeed) and . . . gulp . . sex, among other topics. But Daly’s take on sex did me in. In fact, the bit may have turned me off permanently.

Please, media, no more stuff on Daly. I don’t want to know what he thinks about anything, be it the American League East or the “S” word.

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