Economic Headaches Continue

By |  October 29, 2008

I’ve been swearing a lot lately. The profanities fly every time I read the financial news, shop for luxuries like milk and hamburgers, and especially when I check my 401k.

And I’m not alone. Everyone from Joe the plumber to Donald Trump is talking in no uncertain terms about the flailing financial markets and the struggling general economy.

During the past month or so, stock brokers have permanently solidified the perception that they are an overpaid, fickle mob. Did Kevin Stone break onto the trading floor and put level-headed traders in a trance of wild unpredictability? It’s like everyone contracted some sort of contagious fiscal bipolar disorder.

How are you dealing with the wild undulations with your wealth, be it your home value or stock portfolios? How long before wealth returns to the same levels, and how long before golf rides on the tails of that prosperity to stability?

— David Frabotta, Senior Editor

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