Do you QR Code?

By |  March 28, 2011

Do you recognize this funky-looking box?

Apparently if you take a photo of it with your smartphone, you can get a discount on Echelon herbicide from FMC.

I’ll admit, this technology was new to me until recently. Adam Manwarren at FMC introduced me to how this stuff works while I was at the GIS (that’s me and Adam in the photo, I’m the one who looks perplexed.)

But now, I think it’s pretty cool… there are a couple of these “QR Codes” in each issue of Golfdom… you can learn more about products, like FMC’s Echelon or about the Golfdom Summit… out and about, I can scan a QR Code on my boarding pass to track my flight, or I can scan a QR code on a movie poster to see an exclusive sneak preview (did this with “The Mechanic” recently.)

Manwarren is all over this technology, and in fact, he was all over it at the GIS, using it to his advantage to spread the word about FMC’s products.

“The opportunity to use new communication technology like videos, QR codes, and social media and through the GIS app smartphones, as well as the Twitter feeds with hash tag opportunities created for interesting dialogue before, during, and even after the show,” Manwarren told me.

So my question for you is… do you use this technology yet? Check out my poll and let me know!

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