Bubba’s "Nifty idea"

By |  April 2, 2013

Who doesn’t want to drive over a water hazard?

That’s what Bubba Watson wants to know, and I must admit that, yes, Bubba… I do want to drive over a water hazard! (Both with my driver and in my golf hovercraft, actually.)

Check out this video from Oakley on Bubba’s new hovercraft golf car uh, hovercraft. 


Questions I have:

1. Why was this not at the Golf Industry Show? Would have loved to have seen a demo!
2. Can the hovercraft skip over steps? Or even ledges (I wanted to see if it would go over that sidewalk ledge in the video and it did not)
3. How noisy is it?

Very cool Mr. Watson. Then again, what would you expect from the guy who owns the General Lee?

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