Best. Month. EVER.

By |  March 29, 2013

Wow! What a month here at the Golfdom Daily!

“Hey Sned, you read the Golfdom Daily?” “You bet, Tiger. Every day!”

Why? Because we just set a record for the most hits ever in a single month.

And why not? We had great content this month. From a one-on-one with Arnold Palmer (a legend) to a one-on-one with Chase Rogan (a reality TV star). From photos of a sinkhole in Illinois to a photo of steaks on the grill in Florida. Photo parades. A floating TV camera. Keegan Bradley, one-on-one.

In my best Sinatra, “It was a very fine month.”

So thanks to everyone who came by the blog to visit us this month. Please check back in again. I promise more sinkholes. Those things are hiding everywhere…


Your pals at Golfdom

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