BASF’s "Media Thousandaire" on YouTube

By |  February 15, 2011

You can check out my questions and see how awkward I am in front of a crowd by watching the below YouTube clip, courtesy of BASF.

If you swing by the BASF Turf Talk Blog you can see the other contestants, too.

I’m happy to report I raised $1,900 for the Wee One Foundation, and was able to get 9 out of 10 questions right (with some help from my lifelines) before missing out on the last one.

All told, BASF’s event raised more than $7,000 for charity. AWESOME!

My favorite moment: when I got the typewriter question, and I told the crowd, “You know… I’ve never used a typewriter before.” I thought the crowd was going to attack me at that point.

But it’s true! Despite my gray hair, I come from the digital age! I don’t understand your prehistoric tools!

Here’s the video:

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