Autographed Golfdom finds its home

By |  March 4, 2011

I got a call this evening from Sean Tully, superintendent at Meadow Club in Fairfax, Calif. “I’m proud of us,” he said. “We’re both in our offices late on Friday.”

Tully was returning my phone call about his winning the autographed copy of Golfdom. I wanted some details — like, did Tully recognize how cool this magazine is? — before I dropped this bad boy in the mail.

First of all, Tully definitely recognizes the coolness of this magazine. In fact, Tully collects old issues of Golfdom. His oldest issue dates back to 1965. “The cover story is about the construction of Spyglass Hill,” Tully said. “I’m glad you guys do things like (the giveaway)… it’s pretty damn exciting.”

Tully, who has been at Meadow Club for ten years, is in his first year as the superintendent. He comes from a golfing family. He said his father, who passed some 20 years ago, would really get a kick out of the autographed issue of Golfdom.

“My Dad loved Palmer, he even smoked L&M’s like he did,” Tully said. Palmer is an honorary member at Meadow Club, but whenever he sees him he gives him his space. “He’s just trying to play golf, you know?”

Tully also has a Nicklaus connection.

“My Dad was quite the golfer — he qualified for the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1961. He used to brag that he beat Nicklaus as the low amateur, but I looked it up, and Nicklaus was invited to play, while my Dad missed the cut!”

Tully said he first found out that he won from his boss, who saw the notice in last week’s Golfdom Insider e-newsletter.

“He told me, ‘Did you see the Golfdom Insider? You won something.'” Tully says. “I said, ‘Did I win an iPad?’ Then I saw it was the signed issue. That’s pretty cool, too.”

So will the magazine be on display in his home or his office?

“Definitely my office at work,” Tully says. “I have two daughters and a dog at home. Who knows what would happen to it there!”

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