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Jared Hoyle is a turfgrass extension specialist at Kansas State University and can be reached at for more information.

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Efficacy of late-season bermudagrass removal using herbicide combinations Posted on 31 Oct 2022 in the Featured & From the Magazine & Research categories.

Researchers examine the efficacy of late-season bermudagrass removal using glyphosate, mesotrione and fluazifop herbicide combinations. Read more»

Ryegrass injury and recovery from human insect repellent Posted on 14 Jan 2019 in the Columns & Featured & Research categories.

Superintendents commonly observe turfgrass injury from human insect repellent (bug spray) overspray on human skin and clothing. The injury most commonly occurs as an outline shape of unaffected footprints with Read more»

Suppressing Meyer zoysiagrass seedheads Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in the Research categories.

Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) is on about 25,000 acres of golf course turf in the United States. It provides golfers with an excellent ball lie when used in fairways, and its Read more»

Buffalograss tolerance to simulated golf cart traffic Posted on 05 Aug 2015 in the Research categories.

Buffalograss is known for its low maintenance and drought-tolerance. Current research at Kansas State University is looking into what impact management practices and golfers have on buffalograss under reduced irrigation. Read more»

Controlling lesser swinecress in creeping bentgrass greens Posted on 24 Nov 2014 in the Research categories.

The prevalence of lesser swinecress (Coronopus didymus (L.) Sm.) on golf courses has increased over the last decade. Tolerance to close mowing, heavy traffic and the ability to reproduce under Read more»