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Herb Graffis was Golfdom's founder and a World Golf Hall of Fame member. Graffis was one of the first people to look at golf as a business when he founded Golfdom in 1927. With his foresight, Graffis helped advance the game in numerous ways, from co-founding the National Golf Foundation and founding the Golf Writers Association of America to his work advocating on behalf of the superintendent and helping elevate their profile.

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The Golfdom Files: A record-setting purse at the PGA Championship Posted on 28 Jun 2023 in the From the Magazine categories.

We're throwing it back to the September 1959 edition of Golfdom where Herb Graffis notes the PGA Championship’s largest purse ever at the time. Read more»

Golfdom Files: Giving golfers what they need Posted on 26 Jun 2020 in the Maintenance categories.

In this July 1966 article, Golfdom founder Herb Graffis takes a look back at how much the game owes to a golf salesman and pioneer, Sam Clapper. Read more»

The Golfdom Files: What of Golf in 1943? Posted on 22 Oct 2014 in the Uncategorized categories.

Here is a round-up of opinion from regional golf association officials based on experiences of 1942. Officials of regional golf associations have collaborated with Golfdom in taking a cold-eyed look Read more»

February 1935: “More Golfers! Pros Urge” Posted on 01 Feb 1935 in the Uncategorized categories.

Below is an archived PDF file from the February 1935 issue of Golfdom about pros realization that their big problem is the promotion of golf’s growth, written by Herb Graffis. The archive is Read more»