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Putting green management impact on golf cleat damage Posted on 15 Sep 2020 in the Current Issue & Featured & Research categories.

Thom Nikolai, Ph.D., and Doug Karcher, Ph.D., take an in-depth look at putting green management impact on golf cleat damage. Read more»

What putting green firmness measurements actually tell us Posted on 05 Jun 2019 in the Research categories.

Firmness is an important attribute of championship greens, affecting both playability and durability of the putting surface. However, firmness can be interpreted and managed in various ways. Underlying factors often Read more»

How low can ultradwarf bermudagrasses go? Posted on 18 Aug 2017 in the Research categories.

As ultradwarf bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis) use moves farther north, there is increased risk of winter injury from low temperatures and desiccation. The use of protective covers during Read more»

Golf ball lie, mowing height and shot execution Posted on 19 Jul 2016 in the 0716 & Research categories.

Anyone who has played golf knows that shots from the preferred lies of the fairway are more likely to be successful compared with a similar shot in the rough. Players Read more»