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Cole Thompson, Ph.D., is a turfgrass scientist at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

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Research identifies sand and topdressing needed to manage putting greens Posted on 24 Aug 2021 in the Featured & From the Magazine & Research categories.

Field observations and research reveal the type of sand and amount of topdressing needed to manage thatch and organic matter accumulation in putting greens. Read more»

Why light and frequent topdressing programs are important Posted on 27 Jul 2021 in the Featured & From the Magazine & Research categories.

Sand topdressing is one of the most important practices for producing smooth putting surfaces and diluting thatch and organic matter. Despite this fact, some courses only apply sand during aeration Read more»

Super Science: A year of research in review Posted on 04 Dec 2020 in the From the Magazine & Research categories.

Mike Kenna offers a look at all of the best turfgrass research that has been published by Golfdom within the past year of 2020. Read more»

Effect of golf shoe designs on putting greens Posted on 03 Sep 2020 in the Research categories.

Cole Thompson, Ph.D., director of USGA Green Section, takes a look at the impact of golf shoe design and foot traffic on putting greens. Read more»

Dollar spot susceptibility on bentgrass Posted on 30 Jan 2020 in the Featured & Research categories.

Ask a fellow superintendent to list the top 10 problems that influence his or her agronomic programing. Contrary to the classic David Letterman style of beginning at the bottom of Read more»

An integrated strategy for controlling Poa trivialis Posted on 28 Oct 2016 in the Featured & Research categories.

It’s a lot like annual bluegrass (Poa annua), but with real stolons, none of the hype, and almost no effective chemical control strategies in cool-season turf. Rough bluegrass (Poa trivialis) Read more»