Audubon International’s 25th

By |  June 28, 2012

Got the below press release recently. We also covered this with our own feature story in Golfdom, which you can read here:

On June 25, 1987, the modernized Articles of Incorporation for The Audubon Society of New York State, Inc. were filed with the New York Department of State. On Tuesday, a quarter of a century later, Audubon International proudly celebrated the 25th anniversary of the “rebirth” of the organization.

 In 1973, Ronald G. Dodson and his family moved to Henderson, Ky. Upon crossing the Ohio River, the first sight they witnessed was Audubon State Park. With a hearty passion for parks, nature and the overall environment, Ron began volunteering at Audubon, and he was eventually asked to take over as the park naturalist. Soon, he was elected President of the Henderson Audubon Society, and for a number of years, Ron served as the president of the Audubon Society of Kentucky.

“Suffice it to say,” Ron recalls, “Audubon Park and various Audubon organizations became totally woven into the fabric of everything that our entire family was involved with.”

In 1982, Ron and his wife, Theresa, took a trip to New York in pursuit of his dream job — working for the National Audubon Society. He interviewed for the position of northeast regional vice president, which he was offered and accepted on the spot. Over the next five years, Ron and his associate, Nan Chadwick, worked diligently on several effective nature programs, including Nestbox Network, Loon Ranger and an information program supporting the efforts to reintroduce the bald eagle to New York state.

Ron and Nan had just begun to hit their stride in 1987 when they were informed that their branch would be shut down due to a budgetary shortfall. Rather than throw in the towel, Ron decided to take this opportunity to restart the original Audubon Society of New York State that was created in 1897, but had been idle since the mid-1930s. On June 25 of that year, the dream was made a reality.

Throughout the past 25 years, the organization, now known as Audubon International, has been inspiring and educating people to help the environment where they live, work and play. Their work has served as a model for improving the environmental standing of golf courses, resorts, hotels, communities, parks and educational facilities throughout the United States and abroad.

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