American Vanguard talks PCNB

By |  October 3, 2011

Last week I left off with a short story on PCNB and what the lifting of the stop-sale meant for the industry.

This week I caught up with Bill Kuser, director of investor relations for American Vanguard Corp., manufacturer of PCNB. Here’s what insight he gave me on where PCNB is currently:

“The court ruled that the stop-sale order by the EPA against that product was inappropriate, it was basically overturned, legally.

That being said, the roughly 12 or 13 months PCNB was off-line, it was due for re-registration and relabeling. The EPA put that on hold while the product was on hold. It has now been necessary, even though we have a legal right to market PCNB, the reality is we have to have these registrations and the proper labels on the containers before that can go out (with the product). We’ve been working with the EPA diligently to make up for lost time with regard to amending and reissuing the new labels, so the product can go out into the field.

Bottom line: the stop-sale has been legally overturned, we are simply now waiting for the EPA to issue our new amended labels. That process is virtually complete, we’re just waiting for them to finalize it. PCNB will be back in the marketplace very shortly for all its major applications. It’s a safe and effective product — always has been — and it is unfortunate that it wasn’t available to users over the last 12 or 13 months.”

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