A small world

By |  August 21, 2013

I snuck out of the office early last Friday afternoon in order to play 18 holes with a friend who I used to work with at GCSAA.

Quick aside: It’s easy to “sneak out” of the office to play golf when;

  1. I work remotely in Kansas while everyone else is in Cleveland and


    Photo: Golfdom Staff

  2. It’s encouraged by my boss to get in as much golf as I can!

So I’m standing in the pro shop, paying my greens fee. I look down at the counter top, and on a notepad facing me, there’s one word scribbled down… “GOLFDOM.”

I have to ask about it, right? I mean, why would that be there, looking at me? I have to find out.

So I point down at the notepad and I say, “That’s a great magazine.” (Clever, huh?)

The cashier looks down, and says, “Yeah, it’s good. …They just called here.”

Uh-oh, I think. “Were they looking for me?”

The cashier gives me a confused look, then shouts to the guy hanging up shirts. “Randy! Why did Golfdom call?”

“…oh! Yeah. They called to see if we wanted to renew our subscription.”

“Well, did you renew it?”

“Of course we did! It’s free!”

I laughed and then had to tell them I was the EIC of the magazine.

A stupid story, I know, but I just thought… how weird is that, how small a world is it, that we have some 16,000+ subscribers out there, and it just so happens they call my local course 10 minutes before I arrive?

You know what would have been really horrifying? If I had been there when the call came in. And the guy said, “Golfdom? No, no, CANCEL THAT THING!!!”

I would have probably had a heart attack right on the spot.

The course looked great, by the way. Photo included of No. 15 fairway.

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