100 Holes, One Day

By |  June 20, 2012

We are fortunate to have a lot of friends here at Golfdom… I like to think it’s our glowing personalities, but it might moreso be our willingness to pick up a bar tab…

Regardless, when a friend of Golfdom (in this case, Brian Laurent, associate director over at the Ohio Turf Foundation) goes out on a mission to raise money for a good cause — and does so by playing 100 holes of golf — well, we’re happy to spread the word.

And Brian is playing for a charity we adore… the Wee One Foundation (oh, how I’d like to be invited to a Wee One Foundation event… someday.)

You can learn more about Brian’s 100 golf hole effort at http://www.hundredholehike.com/golfers/brian-laurent

In Brian’s own words: “I’ll play 100+ holes of golf, walking the entire way and raising money for the Wee One Foundation through pledges from friends, strangers…anyone who wants to support the cause. Pledges come in the form of lump sum contributions ($50 to the cause) or as a per-hole pledge ($0.50 per hole, if I play 100 holes it’s $50 to the Wee One Foundation). People can also get creative in their pledges…$5 for every birdie, $25 for every round under 80, etc.”

That’s pretty bold, Brian, trying to raise money per birdie. If I tried that, I’d probably end up costing the charity money! (Maybe that’s why the Wee One Foundation isn’t calling…)

Best of luck, Brian, on your round!

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