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Karl Danneberger, Ph.D., is a professor in the department of horticulture and crop science at The Ohio State University. He is author of the popular The Turf Doc column that appears monthly in Golfdom. Karl writes on topics ranging from Poa annua to pest control.

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The turf wave Posted on 15 Feb 2018 in the Current Issue & Research categories.

The audience “wave” has been common at sporting events in the United States for decades. It’s believed the wave was first done at National Hockey League games in the late Read more»

Wisdom from the unforgettable Posted on 26 Jan 2018 in the Columns categories.

I am not someone who makes New Year’s resolutions. They are easily broken and easily forgotten. However, at the New Year, I daily remember comments from colleagues in the turf Read more»

Brushing stress away, or causing it? Posted on 26 Jan 2018 in the Research categories.

We have conducted a series of putting green-brushing studies over the last few years, spearheaded by one of our former graduate students, Gail Gu, for her Master’s degree thesis. In Read more»

The Golfer’s Creed Posted on 14 Dec 2017 in the Columns categories.

Simply stated, golf is defined as a game where a small, hard ball is struck with instruments known as clubs into a set of small holes in the ground that Read more»

Bring autumn color to turf Posted on 09 Nov 2017 in the Columns categories.

Autumn is the best time to work on a golf course. The days are shorter, the mornings cooler, the air clear. The colors on a course are the most striking. Read more»

Extreme weather ahead Posted on 18 Oct 2017 in the Columns categories.

Like so many around the world, I watched in September as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought misery and destruction to the Texas and Florida coasts. The dead, misplaced and lost Read more»