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Compass Minerals: Protassium

July 12, 2017 By
Protassium+® premium sulfate of potash (0-0-50-17S) is a dual-nutrient source that delivers high levels of potassium, sulfate sulfur and virtually no chloride. High chloride content in other K fertilizers can increase stress to turfgrass and lead to turf burn. To ...

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Soil testing under the microscope

June 19, 2017 By
In the first chapter of the Soil Science Society of America’s 1990 book, “Soil Testing and Plant Analysis,” authors Peck and Soltanpour write that “Success or failure of soil testing varies depending upon the amount and quality of research data ...

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Helena Chemical Company: Nucleus 0-0-21

April 9, 2014 By
Helena Chemical Company’s Nucleus 0-0-21 provides turf potassium (K).  Nucleus corrects K deficiencies in turf by delivering potash to the root zone for faster, more efficient uptake. Its highly concentrated water-based solution elevates K levels with low rates and fewer application ...

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