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Returning golf to golfers

December 17, 2018 By
History is my thing. I like it on all levels. I get lost in golf’s early history, and I find myself arguing about the importance and the intent of original golf course design. As I work out our budget here ...

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Photos by: Brian Walters Photography (1,4), Staples Design (3) and Seth Jones (2)

Less turf + better turf = better for golf

September 20, 2017 By
In an effort to make golf better for the budget and better for the golfer, courses take a close look at where the green goes. The California drought, thankfully, is over. And so is a state program that rewarded California ...

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Learning about turf while sitting in traffic

March 21, 2016 By
Typically on my commute to and from work I listened to sports radio. After living in Cleveland for almost two years, and the ineptitude of the city’s sports franchises, I couldn’t handle the constant negativity anymore (thanks Billy Manziel). I ...

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