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The Putt-Saver (Photo: Standard Golf)

Standard Golf: Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick

May 1, 2019 By
The Putt-Saver is a one of a kind golf flagstick. Not only is the flagstick two-pieces to help reduce shipping surcharges, but the diameter of the stick at the bottom is the narrowest in the game of golf. This allows ...

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The Chief. Photo provided by Standard Golf.

Standard Golf: The Chief Bunker Rake

November 15, 2018 By
Designed by a golf course superintendent, The Chief Bunker Rake is designed to be used with the “Aussie Style” of bunker maintenance. This tine-less rake has two sides: one smooth to pack down the vertical sides and a second with ...

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The Chief. Photo provided by Standard Golf.

Standard Golf: The Chief

February 23, 2018 By
The newest bunker rake from Standard Golf is the first of its kind. The Chief is a two-in-one bunker rake. One smooth side for rolling the vertical face of the bunker and a second side with ridges to scrape the ...

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Standard Golf: Hybrid ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup

January 24, 2018 By
The Hybrid ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup features our Smart-Fit ferrule which combines the durability of an aluminum base with the easy maintenance of a plastic cup. The Smart-Fit technology also creates a seamless flagstick grip without affecting that magical sound as the ball ...

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Standard Golf: Recycled Bag Stand with Cup Holder

December 11, 2017 By
Standard Golf’s Recycled Bag Stand with Cup Holder is a perfect addition to the driving range. Constructed of recycled material, the fold-up bag stand is resilient and economically responsible. The bag stand is 28-in. tall and 19-in. wide and allows any golf ...

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Standard Golf: Force Flex Hazard/Yardage Marker

May 15, 2017 By
Standard Golf, a leading manufacturer of golf course accessories, has introduced a new Force Flex Hazard/Yardage Marker for the 2017 golf season. With an improved design, the Force Flex Hazard/Yardage Marker allows you to drive over the marker with carts and ...

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