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Tag: Product News

PBI-Gordon’s Dale Sanson discusses the history of developing SpeedZone

July 22, 2021 By
Dale Sanson, Ph.D., is the senior director of formulation development and compliance chemistry for PBI-Gordon discusses SpeedZone product. ...

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Logos: EcoCore

Atticus rebrands turf and ornamental line as EcoCore

July 12, 2021 By
Atticus, a branded generic pesticide manufacturer, announces the rebranding of its professional non-crop market business to EcoCore, unveils new leadership. ...

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Omya adds GreenLight soil conditioning and turf nutrition portfolio

July 6, 2021 By
GreenLight, a portfolio of soil conditioning and turf nutrition products by Omya, helps neutralize soil acidity and releases calcium into the soil. ...

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Vertex Aquatic Solutions launches Oxygen Saturation Technology product

June 21, 2021 By
Vertex Aquatic Solutions’ new oxygenation saturation technology is meant to eliminate lake anoxia while preserving stratification. ...

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Harrell’s Polyon makes it to second stage of EPA challenge

June 8, 2021 By
Harrell’s said its Polyon controlled-release fertilizer progressed to Stage 2 of the EPA’s Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers: Environmental and Agronomic Challenge. In the next stage of the challenge, Harrell’s said a sample of Polyon will undergo preplanned testing in a greenhouse ...

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RightLine launches Prohex 27.5 WDG plant growth regulator

May 26, 2021 By
RightLine enters the turfgrass plant growth regulator market with the launch of Prohex 27.5 WDG. The new product is the first alternative source of the active ingredient prohexadione calcium. Prohexadione calcium has recently earned a significant position in turf markets ...

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