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Tag: Product News

Ascernity fungicide from Syngenta receives registration in California

April 26, 2021 By
Ascernity fungicide, from Syngenta, has been registered for use on turf and golf courses in California. According to the company, the fungicide will help superintendents control anthracnose, large patch, gray leaf spot and more. “It’s exciting to finally receive the ...

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Target Specialty Products to launch Turf Fuel Infinite

April 6, 2021 By
Target Specialty Products is launching Turf Fuel Infinite, designed for turf professionals to help improve moisture management and stress tolerance. “The No. 1 priority for our product development at Turf Fuel is to deliver unique solutions to age old challenges ...

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Wilbur-Ellis adds organic surfactant

March 29, 2021 By
Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness adds a new surfactant to its organic product line. Infolium-EA can be used for aquatic, non-crop vegetation, turf, ornamental applications and more. “Infolium-EA is a nonionic surfactant, specifically formulated to bring conventional functionality to an organic surfactant,” said Jason Ellsworth, organic ...

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Crew herbicide now registered in California

March 27, 2021 By
Crew specialty herbicide from Corteva Agriscience, is now registered for use in California. This preemergent herbicide is labeled for use in turfgrass and landscape beds. Crew combines Dimension specialty herbicide with Gallery specialty herbicide in a 2-in-1 solution for broad-spectrum preemergence ...

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Hunter Industries new tool simplifies remote golf course irrigation management

March 26, 2021 By
Hunter Industries has revealed a new program for users looking to simplify golf course irrigation for their Pilot Network. The new PilotFCP Utility allows users to unlock helpful features to streamline watering. It allows for things such as scheduling basic ...

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Michelin increases X Tweel Turf load carrying capacity

March 25, 2021 By
Michelin North America launched the new 26x12N12 X Tweel Turf XL. The new tire has a load-carrying capacity of 1,031 pounds up from 862 pounds for the 26x12N12 X Tweel Turf. This new 26-inch airless radial tire is available in ...

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