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photos courtesy of: Soil Scout

How to maximize your soil moisture sensors

July 19, 2022 By
To reap as many benefits from their soil moisture sensors as possible, Grady Miller, Ph.D., advises superintendents to utilize them frequently. ...

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Photo: POGO


January 1, 2021 By
Now a turfgrass industry standard, the POGO TurfPro system is found on golf courses around the world as the trusted and only source for precision monitoring, analysis and mapping to create the finest turfgrass systems possible under any budget or ...

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Summarizing the Summit

March 12, 2019 By
Last month we recapped the discussions that eight different Golfdom Summit partners had with superintendent attendees. Those companies were Bluebird Turf Products, FairwayiQ, FMC Professional Solutions, Sipcam Agro, Smithco, Textron, Turfco and Nufarm. Next month we will conclude our recap ...

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