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Manipulating microbial ecology

January 25, 2018 By and
Water and fertilizer use for turfgrass and horticultural commodities is a local, state and national concern for these industries. Water availability for irrigation has decreased in recent years because of greater demands from agriculture, industry, domestic uses and climate variability. ...
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Pathway Biologic releases Root Honey Plus

November 9, 2015 By
Pathway Biologic has launched its newest microbial product, Root Honey Plus. Root Honey Plus promotes stronger roots and stimulates the plant’s natural immune system, which helps plants recover from common biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought and poor water quality. RHP combines PGPR ...

Pathway Biologic: Root Honey Plus PGPR

November 2, 2015 By
Root Honey Plus PGPR™ is a premium 1-0-1 liquid bio-nutrient enhanced with polymicrobial strain PGPRs (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). The polymicrobial strains have been selected for their ability to build strong relationships with turf and ornamental plants, creating a healthier ...
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Pathway Biologic: PowerPac

October 27, 2015 By
PowerPac plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) by Pathway Biologic is a pure culture, polymicrobial soluble formulated to be tank-mix compatible with fertilizer and plant protectant solutions. PowerPac contains soil borne, non-genetically modified strains that have the natural ability to increase plant growth and plant ...