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Tag: PBI-Gordon Corp.

PBI-Gordon unveils new formulation for SpeedZone EW

July 29, 2020 By
PBI-Gordon released a new formulation for SpeedZone EW Broadleaf Herbicide that features an emulsion-in-water (EW) formulation, a technological advance from emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations that rely on solvents to solubilize active ingredients. The emulsion-in-water technology of SpeedZone EW creates smaller ...

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Photo: PBI-Gordon

PBI-Gordon: Tekken Broad Spectrum Fungicide

July 20, 2020 By
Tekken™ Broad Spectrum Fungicide from PBI-Gordon uses two modes of action to deliver dependable control of 21 diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot, and brown patch. A proprietary blend of isofetamid and tebuconazole, it provides preventative, systemic control for up to ...

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Photo: PBI Gordon

PBI Gordon: Union Fungicide SC

June 17, 2020 By
Testing has shown that Union™ Fungicide SC from PBI-Gordon is effective in the preventative and curative treatment of Pythium diseases (blight, damping-off, root dysfunction, root rot), brown patch, anthracnose, cool-weather brown patch, yellow patch, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, red ...

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PBI-Gordon appoints director of national accounts

June 8, 2020 By
PBI-Gordon’s pest management business unit added Jason Manz as director of national accounts. Manz joined PBI-Gordon in February and leads the key account sales team’s efforts as it develops and executes customer business plans for the company’s national accounts. Manz ...

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Crabgrass, as seen on this Poa annua green, can be controlled by preemergence herbicides. (Photo: Syngenta)

Experts’ Insights: Get ahead of crabgrass

June 6, 2020 By
Experts from various manufacturers, including Syngenta, Bayer, PBI-Gordon Corp. and FMC Specialty Solutions give their advice for crabgrass control. ...

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Photo: PBI-Gordon

PBI-Gordon: Pedigree Fungicide SC

May 11, 2020 By
Pedigree™ Fungicide SC from PBI-Gordon Corporation is formulated to provide excellent control of brown patch, fairy ring, leaf and sheath spot, large patch, red thread, pink patch, yellow patch, southern blight, and gray snow mold. Labeled for use on golf ...

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