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Tag: Microdochium nivale

Check plots — whether on the course or the research plot (like this one) — are an excellent tool to better understand your past, current and future snow mold pressure. (Photo: Paul Koch)

What the future looks like for snow mold management

September 12, 2022 By
Researchers discuss snow mold, how to diagnose it, what products to use to prevent it and whether or not supers should change their snow management program. ...

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What lurks beneath the snow… snow mold

September 24, 2015 By
You’d think golf course superintendents in my territory would get a break during winter months. After all, weather in the North Central Region can be brutal from November through March. But there’s one thing they have to prepare for each ...

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Spray nozzle and fungicide mobility effects on Microdochium patch

September 23, 2015 By
Microdochium patch (Microdochium nivale) is a major disease on annual bluegrass (Poa annua) in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and northeastern coastal states. Little is known about the effects of spray-nozzle type used in combination with varying fungicide mobility on control ...

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Influence of Winter Fertility on Microdochium nivale

April 9, 2015 By
Microdochium nivale is a disease of major concern in cool, humid regions where turfgrass is grown. Presently, the only methods to ensure control of this disease are through the use of synthetic fungicides. The objective of this fertility trial is ...

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