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Leaf spot disease symptoms (Photo: Maria Tomaso-Peterson)

Leaf spot and dollar spot on ultradwarf bermudagrass greens

Ultradwarf bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis) is the predominant putting green turf in the southern U.S. This grass, however, produces profuse amounts of thatch, which leads to increased disease pressure from leaf spot (Figure 1), caused by Bipolaris cynodontis, ...

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Syngenta: Secure fungicide

October 15, 2015 By
As fall transitions to winter, SecureĀ® is a broad spectrum, multi-site contact fungicide that controls many fall diseases such as dollar spot, leaf spot and anthracnose. Secure is the only registered fungicide for turf in FRAC group 29 and has ...

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Who says there’s no disease?

July 21, 2015 By
What happens when you send in a stunted or wilted turf sample and the report comes back negative for disease? That is not all that uncommon, says Jim Kerns, Ph.D., assistant professor and extension specialist in plant pathology at North ...

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