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Internal workings

July 18, 2018 By
The goal of plant health is to provide healthy, vigorous turfgrass by managing resources like radiant energy, moisture, air and nutrients. These resources consumed by the plant are managed primarily through cultural practices with the goal of correcting excessive amounts. ...
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Impressions of 2018’s Golf Industry Show

March 26, 2018 By
Returning from GIS 2018 this past month, an email from Golfdom Managing Editor Abby Hart was waiting for me, reminding me of my March column deadline. What better time, I thought, to write on my impressions of GIS in San ...
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Wisdom from the unforgettable

January 26, 2018 By
I am not someone who makes New Year’s resolutions. They are easily broken and easily forgotten. However, at the New Year, I daily remember comments from colleagues in the turf industry. I hope some of the names ring a bell, ...
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Extreme weather ahead

October 18, 2017 By
Like so many around the world, I watched in September as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought misery and destruction to the Texas and Florida coasts. The dead, misplaced and lost — along with the property destruction — may take weeks, ...
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Processing information

September 11, 2017 By
I store my 1969 Pontiac Firebird in a garage rented from a nearby apartment complex. Like most garages, it’s rather devoid of décor besides some vertical 2x4s. To correct this, I began to look at creating “garage art” and decided ...

Syngenta launches Field Insights blog for real-time turf and ornamental updates

May 22, 2017 By
Syngenta’s new GreenCast Field Insights blog provides updates on various topics, such as current pest issues and recommended control solutions, across the turf, landscape and ornamental markets. “Syngenta has one of the largest sales teams in the field who are ...
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