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Half-life is not the whole story

May 28, 2019 By
There’s been a fair amount of chatter lately about fungicide half-life and what it means for disease control and fungicide resistance risk. Half-life is the time required for a substance to be broken down into half the original amount. It ...

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Photo: Paul Koch

The future of resistance management

June 22, 2018 By
Resistance management, arguably, has never been a more important issue for superintendents in every region of the United States. After all, fewer and fewer new fungicide chemistries are now being produced for the turfgrass market, and this trend is expected ...

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Factors affecting fungicide performance Part 2 of 3: Disease pressure and fungicide resistance

April 17, 2014 By
Editor’s note: This is the second of three articles by Dr. Kerns on disease management and control. After selecting the appropriate fungicide to control the target disease, the next thing to consider is disease pressure and fungicide resistance. This article ...

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