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A cross country skier skied over one of the greens at LaFortune Park GC in Tulsa, Okla. (Photo: Scott Schurman)

Keeping up with the Jones: The mess in Texas

March 30, 2021 By
Golfdom Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones discusses how golf courses in areas such as Texas and Oklahoma are dealing with the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri. ...

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Stars (Photo: 15308757 / iStock / Getty Images)

Keeping up with the Jones: To the stars through difficulties

September 17, 2020 By
Reflecting on the state of Kansas' motto, "To the stars through difficulties," Seth Jones lays out the golf industry's most recent updates. ...

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Keeping up with the Jones: Any given Sunday

March 11, 2020 By
As I write this, it’s been two Sundays since the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. It was a long time coming, that win against the San Francisco 49ers. We went crazy here at my house. My old friend ...

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What movie quotes characterize the October 2019 issue of Golfdom

October 4, 2019 By
I will admit I love dropping a good movie quote into a conversation, even if it’s just for my own amusement. Sometimes the movies I quote are obvious (Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore), and sometimes the quotes are for me only (off ...

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Keeping up with the Jones: Mac the Knife strikes again

May 7, 2019 By
The saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” And man, did Tiger Woods fool me! For the past couple years, Golfdom Publisher Craig MacGregor and I have had a friendly back-and-forth, making small $5 bets while we’re ...

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In the garage, where I belong

November 9, 2017 By
Greetings from northeast Kansas, where we’re happy to talk about Kansas City Chiefs football so we can pretend that Kansas University football isn’t a real thing. Youth soccer season finally has ended, and now my 6-year-old boy wants me to ...

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