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Crystal Green

April 21, 2017 By
Crystal Green® (5-28-0-10 Mg) builds vibrant, healthy turf with 30 percent more root length and density. As the first Root-Activated™ nutrient technology to offer phosphorus, with nitrogen and magnesium, in one continuous release granule, Crystal Green’s plant-available formulation provides a ...
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GIS boosts interest in nutrient technology

February 9, 2017 By
New golf course products can be hard to get off the ground. Even after development, marketing can be difficult and competition is fierce – just look at the hundreds of booths on the trade show floor. So, it’s instructive to ...
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Crystal Green

April 27, 2015 By
Crystal Green Plant-Activated nutrient technology supplies turf with plant-available phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium in one slow-release granule. Releasing in response to root citrate production, Crystal Green supplies a steady 160-200-day feed of nutrients on plant-demand. Proven to build denser roots and ...

Seth’s 2013 GIS Notebook

April 1, 2013 By
We can’t read his chicken scratches. We’re glad he can. I was cruising through an old issue of Golfdom from the 1940s the other day. I skimmed a story written by Golfdom founder Herb Graffis. It went on for pages, ...

Crystal Green receives phosphorus exemptions

February 5, 2013 By
VANCOUVER—As the trend toward restricting the use of phosphorus-containing fertilizers on turfgrass continues, Crystal Green, the world’s first slow-release, renewable and environmentally responsible phosphorus fertilizer, has been granted phosphorus exemptions in Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia. The exemptions allow golf course ...
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