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Tag: ABW

Adult annual bluegrass weevil (Photo: Ben McGraw)

Turf Pest of the Month: Contending with the ABW

May 13, 2021 By
Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D., technical services manager for Quali-Pro, discusses ways superintendents can manage the annual bluegrass weevil. ...

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Annual bluegrass weevil adult (Photo: Ben McGraw)

The Turf Doc: Spring will come as if shot out of a cannon

February 25, 2021 By
Columnist Karl Danneberger, Ph.D., describes what challenges superintendents will face when spring inevitably comes as if shot from a cannon. ...

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Color-marked annual bluegrass weevil aduts (Photo: Albrecht Koppenhofer)

Annual bluegrass weevil sampling methods

To accommodate superintendents' busy schedules, researchers lay out the best monitoring and sampling methods when it comes to the annual bluegrass weevil. ...

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ABW adult (Photo: Ben McGraw)

Update on the lesser of two weevils

Researchers allowed some damage from ABW larvae in creeping bentgrass fairways to see if it would reduce annual bluegrass cover throughout the season. ...

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Annual bluegrass weevil adult (Photo: Ben McGraw)

See no weevil

October 1, 2020 By
Mike Kenna, Ph.D., explains how adult populations of the annual bluegrass weevil have become resistant to certain insecticides. ...

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Syngenta continues WeevilTrak scouting to assist with annual bluegrass weevil control

April 21, 2020 By
For the 2020 annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) season, Syngenta is continuing its work with independent researchers to provide golf course superintendents with tools for monitoring and control through its annual WeevilTrak program. “This is a challenging time golf courses across ...

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