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Clark Talks Turf: Turfgrass research is always on my mind

February 15, 2018 By
I think of research as a logical, systematic approach to solving problems. Research takes many forms, and for the purposes of this column I’m going to focus on turfgrass field research. There are many variations of field research, but consider ...

Why you shouldn’t miss the next Golfdom Summit

January 26, 2018 By
The 7th annual Golfdom Summit was a smashing success, and I had the good fortune to be there for the 2017 event, Nov. 28 through Dec. 1 at the Reunion Resort in Orlando, Fla. It’s a unique event, unlike any ...
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Clark Talks Turf: Rolling off the greens to save on dollar spot

December 14, 2017 By
Jay Popko is a research associate in the turfgrass pathology lab at the University of Massachusetts, where he leads field and laboratory research on rolling, fungicide efficacy and dollar-spot resistance to fungicides. You may reach Jay at jpopko@umass.edu for more ...
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Clark Talks Turf: Yellowjackets and garbage cans

September 1, 2017 By
Timothy Gibb, Ph.D., is an entomologist at Purdue University. Tim has worked on numerous insect problems throughout his career, including turfgrass pests and insects that can impact human health. You may reach Tim at gibbs@purdue.edu for more information. Q: Is ...
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Clark Talks Turf: Battling goosegrass

July 18, 2017 By
Scott McElroy, Ph.D., is a turfgrass weed scientist at Auburn University. Scott conducts numerous field and laboratory experiments each year to develop weed control strategies for golf courses. You may reach Scott at jsm0010@auburn.edu for more information. Q: How widespread ...
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Clark Talks Turf: Digging deep into fraze mowing

May 2, 2017 By
Brian Whitlark is a USGA agronomist in the West Region. Brian conducts course consulting visits, writes for USGA publications and is a conference speaker. Brian has observed several golf courses using fraze mowing to improve their turf. You may reach ...
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